The Facing History School

Dana Panagot
525 West 50th Street, New York, NY 10019

Dana Panagot, Principal
Talia Ofeck, College Advisor


CEEB CODE: 333627

Mission Statement:
The mission of The Facing History School (FHS) is to graduate students who are lifelong learners with the skills and knowledge for academic and professional success and prepared for the responsibilities of being active, thoughtful participants and leaders in a democratic society. We believe that our relevant, academically rigorous program and the supportive, caring structures we have in place make us more than just an excellent school but an excellent learning community. With the guidance of our lead partner, Facing History and Ourselves, we ask our students to go on a four year journey to help them prepare for the ethical and moral decisions of adulthood.

Special Programs:
Advanced Placement classes in English Composition and U.S. History; Honors classes in all academic areas; Advisory; Habits of Learning Portfolio; New York Writer’s Project; Senior Institute; Project-based learning; Balanced literacy program; Partnership with the Educational Talent Search Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Urban Arts partnership for after-school activities; Required community service hours for graduation.

The School
Total Enrollment: 443
12th Grade Enrollment: 93
Pattern of School Year: 4 cycles
Member of NY Performance Standards Consortium

The Staff
Number of Teacher Faculty: 36
Number of Counselors/Social Workers: 4

White: 3 %
Black: 31 %
Hispanic: 63 %
Asian/Other: 2 %
Eligible for Free Lunch: 80%

Explanation of Grades
90-100 A: Exceeds Standards
80-90 B: Meets Standards
65-79 C: Competent

Post Graduation Plans :
This school year, our first class will be graduating from The Facing History School. With our rigorous academic program that requires students to exceed the requirements of the New York State Standards as well as our own portfolio assessments, all FHS students are college bound. All of our students are required to successfully complete Performance Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs) as part of their graduation requirements. We administer only the ELA regents examination to students.

Our Partner:
FHS’s lead partner, Facing History and Ourselves (FHAO), brings recognized quality and expertise to the effort of promoting civic engagement in schools by supporting our teachers with curriculum, resources, and methodology. This internationally recognized educational organization uses an in-depth study of history and the present, literature and science, to help schools teach about the dangers of indifference and the value of civility, preparing students for participation in a democratic society.

Contact Information: Talia Ofeck, College Advisor (212) 757-2680 ext 144
525 West 50th Street ● New York, NY 10019 ● (212) 757-2680 ● fax (212) 757-2156