Manhattan International High School

Alan Krull
317 East 67 Street, New York, NY

Manhattan International High School is an academic high school providing a rigorous education for English language learners while maintaining their connection to their native language. We accept New York City residents who have lived in the United States four years or less and whose native language is not English.

Once admitted, the students stay with us for their entire high school careers. Students receive a complete high school curriculum taught with content-based English as a Second Language approach. Classes are clustered by interdisciplinary themes such as Civilizations, Evolution, Systems and Structures or Origins and Perspectives. Each student must earn credit for eight semester-long courses, as well as produce and defend performance based graduation assessment tasks in order to receive their high school diploma.

In developing programs for English Language Learners, The Manhattan International High School has developed a learner-centered, interdisciplinary curriculum. The primary mode of learning is in heterogeneous, collaborative groups. Assessment throughout the school focuses on performance assessment as evident through portfolios and exhibitions, incorporating self, peer and instructor evaluations.

While English is the language of instruction, students are actively encouraged to maintain their native languages. Group work is emphasized in all classes, providing students with extensive opportunities for peer interaction and support.

Manhattan International works on a block schedule – all students remain together except for math classes. Students are tested upon arrival and placed in appropriate mathematics classes, ensuring close attention to their individual needs.

We are required to administer only the English Language Arts New York State Regents exam. As a Consortium school, Manhattan International was granted a waiver from New York State, which permitted us to require performance based assessments in place of all other Regents exams. Students who have made substantial progress in English and/or mathematics by second semester sophomore year are offered College Now classes at Hunter College or Baruch College. These classes give each student an advantage of at least 3 college credits upon graduation from high school.

In addition, Manhattan International partners with Borough of Manhattan Community College for a STEP program and the American Museum of Natural History for extra credit science classes. Moreover, students have the opportunity to work with mentors from the Big Brother, Big Sister program and do monthly community service through New York Cares.

At the conclusion of each semester, all students are asked to present performance based assessment tasks demonstrating their progress and/or mastery in each subject area. This is an effective way to evaluate student written as well as oral presentation skills. At the start of the senior year, all students are assigned a mentor teacher who guides and oversees the senior student through the performance based assessment process. The mentor ensures that the student’s work is complete and meets all the requirements of Consortium rubrics.

Colleges and Universities Attended by Manhattan International Graduates

Columbia University City College Forham University
Skidmore College Wheaton College Lehman College
Syracuse University Union College Franklin & Marshall
Gettysburg College DePauw University Trinity College
Hunter College Middlebury College John Jay College
Wesleyan College Marist College Alfred University
Univeristy of Buffalo Wellesley College Brandeis University
Lafayette College Hamilton College Cazenovia College
Georgia State Knox College University of Colorado
Baruch College Bates College Colby College