City-As-School High School

Antoniette Scarpinato
16 Clarkson Street, NYC, NY 10014

City-As-School High School is the nation's leading external learning or experiential learning model for high school students. Founded as an independent alternative high school in 1972, City-As-School's primary objective is to offer students a multitude of learning experiences that encompass the depth and breadth of New York City's businesses and resources. The program has been continuously evolving, putting students in the field--primarily students at risk of dropping out--and revitalizing their interest in their own lives, in their education and in the society around them.

City-As-School students are 11th and 12th grade transfer students (entering CAS with a minimum of 20 credits), and come from any of the public, private or parochial schools within the five boroughs. City-As-School maintains three campuses, located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

City-As-School offers a rigorous program, including performance assessment tasks, that sets high expectations both for students and the professionals in the community who work with them. We utilize the facilities of over 500 New York City businesses at which students participate in professional activities. These educational resources, along with classroom learning, form the basis of learning in math, history, English, science and other academic areas. All student learning experiences are designed to provide background information and skill acquisition through the attainment of practical knowledge.