Advanced Biology

In this class students build upon what they learned in general biology in order to study advanced concepts. Students study the following:
• Atoms and Molecules
• Cells and Cell Division
• Genetics and DNA
• Reproduction and Meiosis
• History of Earth and Evolution
• Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
• An Introduction to Bacteria
• Genetic Engineering (Genetic Transformation of Bacteria)
• Forensic Science and Gel Electrophoresis
• Neuroscience
• Disease (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay)

Biology, Glencoe-McGraw Hill, 2010
DNA Science, Cold Spring Harbor Press
Online News Articles from websites such as and

Reading and Research Projects:
- How has the atomic bomb affected people?
- How do macromolecules affect us?
- What are the different type of cells and their affect on the human body?
- How does knowledge of DNA influence our lives?

Individual Research Projects:
- Mitochondrial DNA and Human Evolution (including Literature Review)
- What is bacterial transformation and its affect on people (including Literature Review)

Media Used: 
Information Gathering: Brainpop, Utah Genetics Animation, Cold Spring Harbor Animation
Films: Mitochondrial Eve, PBS Evolution, Xenotransplantation
Recordings of articles that students listen to
Interim Assessments: 

Experiment Assessments:
- How does temperature affect the rate of molecular movement?
- How do different factors affect yeast respiration?
- Which fruits have more DNA per gram?

Significant Assignments: 

Experiments and lab reports
Science literacy reading (reading articles and constructing opinions)

Significant Activities or Projects: 

Interdisciplinary project (mitochondrial DNA and its connection to history, language, and mathematics)

Sample PBATs: 
Comparing Mitochondrial DNA with Students from Different Countries