Spanish Literature

The objective of this course is is to prepare students to analyze literature given the necessary tools. This course teaches the techniques of literary analysis, critical terminology and historical context of each required reading. Students are require to read, analyze and discuss verbally and in writing a wide variety of representative works from. All works are studied and analyzed in relation to their cultural and historical context from the New World literature through the Civil War in Spain.

El diario by Cristóbal Colón (excerpts)
Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias by Bartolomé de las Casas(excerpt)
Historia de las Indias by Bartolomé de las Casas (excerpts)
Historia verdadera de la conquista de la Nueva España by Bernal Díaz del Castillo (excerts)
El general en su laberinto by Gabriel García Márquez
Los de abajo by Mariano Azuela
Obras completas by José Martí (excerpts)
Poemas selectos by Nicolás Guillén
Poemas selectos by Rubén Dario
LAs bicicletas son para el verano by Fernando Fernán Gómez

First Unit: Origins of Latin American Identity
Investigate about Rigoberta Mechú
Thrird Unit: Mexican Revolution
Investigate causes and consequences of Mexican Revolution, Russian Revolution and Chinese Revolution
Fourth Unit: Spanish-American War through Cuban Revolution
Investigate the independence of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic

Media Used: 
La misión (film)
Vida de Simón Bolívar (documentary)
Historia de la Revolución Mexicana (documentary)
Historia de la Revolución Rusa (documentary)
Los de abajo (film)
Vida de José Martí (documentary)
La guerra de la indenpendencia cubana (documentary)
La Revolución Cubana en imágenes (documentary)
Las bicicletas son para el verano (film)
Interim Assessments: 

Unit First: Origins of Latin American Identity
Students are expected to write an evidence-based essay
Should Columbus be glorified?
Second Unit: Latin American Independence
Write a literary essay
Third Unit: Mexican Revolution
Write a character analysis
Fourth Unit: Spanish-American War through Cuban Revolution
Write a poetry analysis essay

Significant Assignments: 

-Keep a triple entry journal as they read
-Point of view: Write a letter from a different perspective.
-Analyze and compare situations now and centuries ago.
-Class debates
-Oral presentations
-Write a monologue
-Design a PowerPoint presentation
-Write a scene in a play

Significant Activities or Projects: 

Second Unit: Latin American Independence
-Body Map of Simón Bolívar. Find and analyze quotes that best represent: Hole in the head (What he thinks), Eyes (How he see the world), Mouth (What he says), Shoulders (Weight of the world), Heart (What he feels), Hands (His actions), Achilles Heel ( His weaknesses), Pain in the neck, Funny bone and Knee jerk.
- Project about EL general en su laberinto
Summarizer: Write a summary of the reading
Connector: Connect the story with other readings, personal ideas, movies, another literary work, historical reference...
Illustrator: Create an illustration that best represent the story and find a quote for that illustration
Question maker: Ask questions about the meaning of the reading
Third Unit: Mexican Revolution
Project about Los de abajo
Find the literary elements, write a corrido that summarize the story of Los de abajo, deep analysis of one of the characters.

Sample PBATs: 
How important was freedom in Latin American history?