There are no happy endings in this class. Sorry. You will become experts on the classic genre of tragedy as you study, perform, debate and analyze the works of Aristotle, Sophocles, Shakespeare and Arthur Miller. Professional actors will assist in our study of Shakespeare. You will transform a play set in ancient Greece into the modern era. Assessments will include creative pieces, literary essays, and tests. The aim of this class is to bring your reading and writing skills to college level.

Poetics, Aristotle
Oedipus Rex and Antigone, Sopholces
Othello, William Shakespeare
A View from the Bridge, Arthur Miller
Interim Assessments: 

Another translation of the play Oedipus Rex has Teiresias say to Oedipus, "You are your own worst enemy." To what extent is this statement true? (In class essay)

Significant Assignments: 

Modern Adaptation of the central conflict of Antigone

Literary Essay on Antigone (focusing on either gender or the conflict between moral and state law)

Literary Essay on Othello: Who (or what) is to blame for the death of Desdemona?

Final exam on all four plays

English Roundtable where students must defend their learning to an outside evaluator. Students must write a cover letter synthesizing the themes of the course, present their portfolios, and conduct a debate on "Who is the most tragic, tragic hero" of the semester.

Sample PBATs: 
Literary Essay comparing modern and ancient Tragedy